The ice making surfaces are made of stainless steel welded together to form internal passages to form the flow of refrigerant. Plates are grouped vertically with ice forming on both side of sheets (ice thickness may vary from 1/4" to almost 1") At predetermined intervals, hot refrigerant gas enters the plates causing the ice to break away. Then its dropped into the internal screw conveyor breaking into different sized pieces. Then its ready to be convey to the storage facility.

  • TIG series are self contained or remote R-22 units and range in capacity from 2.9 to 85 tons per day. 28 models are available.
  • TIGAR series are designed to be connected to an Ammonia high-side. The capacities range from 25 to 100 tons of ice/24 hrs.
  • Turbo plate Ice


    The heart of the Turbo ice maker C-Line is the ice making cycle containing stainless steel ice freezing plates. After ice is formed in the outside of each ice making plate, the thick, clear, dry ice is release or harvested by water defrost flowing on the back side of the plates. Turbo's ice stays hard and dry and drops by gravity. Then is cracked into perfect chunks .... all in one operation. After an overflow flush, the pre-chilled harvest water is recirculated and becomes your next batch of ice.

    • C-Line Series ice makers are available as self contained or remote units for operation with R-22. Capacities range from 1 to 60 tons per 24 hrs. 39 models are availble to fit you needs.
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    • CAR Series ice makers are designed to work with an ammonia high-side (remote). Production capacities range from 5 to 60 tons per day. 23 Low-side models available.

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