Index West International has available the major brands of flake ice makers such as NORTH STAR (left), and HOWE (right). The production capacity of these units range from 2 to 56 tons of ice per day.


Have led the world in the design and manufacture of high-capacity industrial flake ice makers.

All models are available with carbon steel or stainless steel contact surfaces. Unit operates continuous with no defrost cycles

Models & Capacity*
5 SS - 3.0 tons
10SS/CS - 4.7/6.0 tons
20SS/CS - 11.4/14.0 tons
40SS/CS - 19.7/22.8 tons
60SS/CS - 29.8/38.0 tons
90SS/CS - 41.0/53.5 tons




Scotsman, the world's largest commercial manufacturer, also offers an industrial grade ice flaker.

Rapid freeze flakers are compatible with existing refrigerant systems and adaptable to R-22, R404A and 134A. Ammonia is yet another refrigerant choice.

Models range from 0.5 to 10 tons of ice per 24 hrs. Models vary from sea water units to fresh water, remote to self-contained. 36 models available.

Too many models to list.

* Capacity in 2000 lb tons (909 kg) per 24 hrs. with -25 deg F (32 deg C) evaporator and 60 deg F (16 deg C) water supply temperatures. CS= Carbon steel, SS= Stainless steel
** Capacity is rated at -5 deg F suction temp and 70 deg F water temp.

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