The most revolutionary ice system in 100 years,
Simple & Efficient.

The most economical way to chill or cool your products. Chills your products 40% faster with our new IMORE slurry ice system. The IMORE system produces and stores liquid ice using the most efficient evaporator in the industry.

The system is comprised of a unique evaporator, a conventional condensing unit, storage/harvest tank and pump system. Refrigerant circulates from the condenser to the evaporator shell while salt water solution is pumped to the top of the evaporator tubes. The salt water solution then flows downward through the tubes and is cooled by refrigerant in the shell to approximately 26 deg F. As the salt water solution partially freezes, it forms a pumpable liquid ice that is stored in the tank. An automatic shut-off for the evaporator is triggered when the tank is full.
More Production per KW
No defrost cycle
No costly rake room
No high maintenance conveying system
Products are Cooled faster than conventional ice systems
Products are also cooled uniformly by action of the ice surrounding it completely
Reduce bacterial Growth
Less maintenance than conventional systems.
A range of sizes are available to meet your process cooling needs: 3, 25, 50, 100, 200, 300, 400 tons/24 hrs. capacity

Liquid Ice flows at low temperatures: absorbs heat quickly; and can be pumped to remote locations.

Virtually no ice buildup on evaporator surface, providing better cooling efficiency

Compact; flexible component arrangement, easy to fit your space constraints.