Turbo storage rake systems are available in 2 types: Hydraulic "CB" ice rakes and "Automatic" ice rakes

"CB" rakes are complete systems that range in storage capacity from 20 to 87 tons of ice; this units are complete systems and include the bin support structure and liner.

"Automatic" ice rakes have a larger capacity than "CB" rakes and range in capacities from 72 to 390 tons of ice. Automatic rakes include the rake assembly and its components. Bin structure and liner are available as an option.


The North Star rake system has been especially design for packaged ice, this system consist of a rake, hoist, wear and thrust plates, bin door, electric control panel and steel bin frame with galvanized liner.

Special features include a rake drive with a fluid coupling and speed sensing control, electrically operated hoist and bin door and plastic sprocktes. North Star rakes are available in 9 models that range in capacity from 24 to 126 tons (capacities based on plate ice volume).


The storage bin with the movable floor feeding the ice from back to front. Two types are available with the following capacities: 6, 10, 12, 14, 16, 24*, and 35* tons of ice.

Shipped in sections these units can be put together in a short period of time, the transfer bin assembles just where you need it to temporarily store the ice before bagging or as a permanent storage bin for small plants.

* Available only with steel liners

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