Bohn has set the standard for refrigeration technology, quality and innovation for over 50 years. That’s how we've become one of the industry’s most highly regarded brand names. Today, Bohn offers virtually thousands of high-efficiency, application-matched system configurations designed to reduce utility costs. All backed by a broad range of computerized technical support programs and trained experts.

The small BOHN condensing units are available from 1/2 HP to 6 HPcompressors. All units are available with scroll, hermetic and semi-hermetic compressors mounted as outdoor or indoor models.
Temperature ranges from high (+40 deg F), medium, low to extra-low (-40 deg F).

BOHN's Horizontal air dischage outdoor discus condensing units model BLH/BBH. These units are the most efficient of the industry

ENERGY SAVINGS - The compressor is the largest energy user in a refrigeration system. With the Bohnmizer system the compressor is allowd to operate at a lower average discharge pressure over an annual cycle which requires less energy. this means less money to run the system. An appreciable difference in you energy bill can be seen.

BOHN Large condensing units (12 - 40 HP). The new BLV/BBV series of condensing units is designed to meet the needs of a demanding commercial and industrial refrigeration market. The product is configured to be a very flexible in its design and construction to allow it to respond to the requirements of refrigeration contractors, consulting engineers and facility owner/operators.
The BLV/BBV is designed usingthe thoroughly tested and proven technology of the BRH series of air cooled condensers. The patented floating tube condenser coil technology incorporated in the product provides reliability and a premium warranty against tube sheet leaks.
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