The Hamer Form, Fill and Seal series (FFS) its available in 3 models:
  • Model 310: fills from 3 to 10 lb. bags
  • Model 525: fills from 5 to 25 lb. bags
  • Model 1550: fills from 15 to 50 lb. bags

    These units will make up to 3500 bags from a continuous roll of plastic at a rate of 40 bags per minute. Available with horizontal heat sealer or crimped bag closures.


    Matthiesen baggers are available in 2 different types: VL - Top loader (left image) and VLS - Bottom loaders (rigth image). There are 4 different models for each type:
  • VL(S)35: fills from 3 to 5 lb. bags
  • VL(S)510: fills from 5 to 10 lb. bags
  • VL(S)815: fills from 8 to 15 lb. bags
  • VL(S)2025: fills from 20 to 25 lb. bags
    These units fill bags at a rate of 20 to 45 bags per minute; plus its simple design and operation makes them the ideal tool for small and medium size installation. Galvanized construction is standard, stainless steel is available as an option.


    Let the JMC Baler help you become more efficient by speeding the baling process handling up to 60 bags per minute.

    Automatic Master Baling of various types of flexible pre-packaged products. Accomodates product bags with a common width and adjustable length. Accepts products fro all types of manual or automated packaging lines.

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